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Consumed Consumed

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Few comments though...

1. Is it just me or does the hands and arms seem too small? Perhaps its because the shoulders and elbows are not showing that it created an illusion where the limbs seem not proportionate.

2. The hair in the background starts to look like tentacles.

Maybe its just me, but those are the only flaws I can see. There's no really right and wrong in art, and I'm no art critic. Its awesome and nothing much can make this artwork more epic. Good day, to you, sirs.

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Zigan responds:

Hmm, to answer your first question, it is slightly an illusion. Reason for this is because there is no ambient light hitting the top of her forarms, only the bottom (being red)--while the midtones are blue-ish.

Your second question is more opinionated, which is perfectly fine. I want fans to imagin whatever they think it is. This picture has a sense of deep abstraction, so what actually is happening in the picture can be up to the viewer's imagination. ;3